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September 2019


CALL TO ORDER: Padraic McGinnis called the September Meeting at 5:40pm at MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions.  A quorum was not present.

ATTENDANCE Michael Dierdorff  Apex Flooring

 Padraic McGinnis Courtyard by Marriott – Federal Way

 Chris Portrey Courtyard by Marriott – Lake Union

 Henriques Ramson Courtyard by Marriott – Pioneer Square

 David Gault Fairmont Olympic Hotel

 Rick Schneider Harold’s Lighting

 Vito Dunmire Hyatt Regency Lake Washington

 Joe Jimenez Hyatt Regency Lake Washington

 Jim Edwards Retirement Electric Company of Ballard

 Ed Bergman Retirement Inn of Black Diamond

 George Barnes Salish Lodge & Spa

 Lisa Frasene Seattle City Light

 Scott Pinson State Hotel


Greg Noel, with MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions, provided oversight on SCL/PSE rebate incentives which can be prescriptive, custom or pay for performance,  He then provided overnight of new Washington State Energy Performance Standard enacted WA State Legislature (E3SHB 1257).  The basic points are 1) Building Tune-ups required every 5-years for buildings over 50,000 SF, 2) No rules as of yet, 3) Energy Star ~ 50, 4) The Carrot – up to $0.85/GSF if more than 15 EUI away from target, and 5) The Stick - $5K penalty for initial non-compliance.  Compliance dates:

 11/1/2020 > Develop Standard Requirements

 7/1/2021 > Publish Compliance Requirements

 6/1/2026 > Compliance requirements for 200,000 SF+

 6/1/2027 >  Compliance requirements for 90,001-200,000 SF

 6/1/2028 >  Compliance requirements for 50,000-90,000 SF

 7/1/2029 >  Update the EUI standard


Padraic McGinnis provided Treasurer’s Report that the current checkbook balance was $19,222.03 with all bills paid in full.  As of 9/26/19, we have 34 paid members for the year 2019 (22 hotels, 8 vendors, 3 utility, 1 RSMs)(Quorum=14).  All 2019 Invoices have been sent and due by March 31, 2019.  New website password has been sent to paid members.


We all rose and repeated the Pledge of Allegiance.

Possible future speakers from, or on the following topics: American Red Cross; Renovation Management Oversight; Manage Engineering Efficiently; Guest Room Technology; Roofing (Inspections, Projects, etc.); Asset Protection & Documentation.  Submit Qs/Speakers to David Gault, Secretary for distribution.

Padraic McGinnis thanked Kelly Johnson/MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions for hosting the meeting.

No Action taken -- We discussed options for a summer/fall outing this year in the September/October 2019 to one of the following events: 1) Thunderbirds Hockey Game 2) AC Moate Industries @ M’s Game or 3) Seattle U or UW Basketball Game.  Scott Pinson moved and Michael Edwards 2nd that we investigate options for a hockey game.  Mike Edwards reported that Rick Gressett has received info regarding hockey tickets.  From those attending, it appeared we should possible pursue attending a hockey game on a Saturday.  These are the options:

  • October
    Saturday, October 5 vs. Victoria, 6:05pm
    Saturday, November 9 vs. Everett, 6:05pm
    Saturday, November 16 vs. Portland, 6:05pm
    Saturday, November 23 vs. Saskatoon, 6:05pm
    Saturday, December 14 vs. Spokane, 6:05pm
    Saturday, December 28 vs. Portland, 6:05pm
    Saturday, January 11 vs. Everett, 6:05pm
    Saturday, January 25 vs. Portland, 6:05pm
    Saturday, February 8 vs. Everett, 6:05pm
    Saturday, February 15 vs. Vancouver, 6:05pm
    Saturday, February 22 vs. Portland, 6:05pm
    Saturday, February 29 vs. Portland, 6:05pm
  • March
    Saturday, March 14 vs. Vancouver, 6:05pm
    Saturday, March 21 vs. Portland, 6:05pm
  • We will send e-mail out to members to see to decide if we want to do this and what date/team is preferred.

PSHEA Board action items – 1) Review the ByLaws.  If anyone desires to assist in the review, contact the Board.  George Barnes, Vito Dunmire & Dan Hinrichs volunteered.  It was decided for PSHEA ByLaws should be e-mailed out to all the membership.  2) Evaluate the current dues structure for 2020.  Also should consider possible giveaways at meetings as well as a referral program.  3) Update the website and follow thru on Ken Sack do the necessary updates.  We also discussed options to look into another website master.

PSHEA Website is https:/www/  Committee formed with Vito Dunmire, Mike Dierdorff, Rick Schneider to help focus on updating: JOB POSTING Section, Current Photos or don’t have any, TRAINING SECTION goes away, MINUTES for public to see, ROSTER to have similar format with lines, validate mission statement, and create LINKS to all hotels who are members.

SCL provided 1) flyer to Lighting Design Lab’s Networked Lighting Controls Technology Expo being held at Lighting Design Lab on October 17th from 10am – 4pm and 2) SCL’s 2019 Energy Conservation Incentives.  These both will be shared with PSHEA via e-mail. 

2019 PSHEA Hotel Members will be receiving an email to submit their proposal to host the Holiday Dinner during the 1st or 2nd week of December so that we avoid conflicts with family holiday plans.

Regulatory Updates

COS Building Tune-up Ordinance – This new requirement to comply with this ordinance is for 200K+ SF by 3/1/2019 and everyone needs to develop an action plan to get compliant.  The Building Tune-Up deadline for 100,000-199,999 SF buildings is to submit via the Seattle Services Portal by October 1, 2019.

Compliance Deadlines

Tune-Up compliance dates are by building size:

  • March 1, 2019 – 200K+ Square Feet
  • October 1, 2019 – 100K-199,999K Square Feet
  • October 1, 2020 – 70K-99,999K Square Feet
  • October 1, 2021 – 50K-69,999K Square Feet


The October 2019 PSHEA Meeting to be held at Courtyard by Marriott – Lake Union on October 30, 2019.  Topic of discussion: TBD.  NOTE: Date changed to Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The November 2019 PSHEA Meeting to be held at Courtyard by Marriott – Federal Way with Apex Flooring assisting with hosting on November 21, 2019.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The December 2019 PSHEA Meeting is cancelled for Annual Holiday Dinner at TBD on December 5th or 12th at 6pm with reception at 530pm.

The January 2020 Annual PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on January 30, 2020.  Topic of discussion: TBD.  Additionally, we’ll hold the Election of 2020 PSHEA Officers.

The February 2020 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on February 27, 2020.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The March 2020 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on March 26, 2020.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The April 2020 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on April 30, 2020.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The May 2020 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on May 28, 2020.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The June 2020 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on June 25, 2020.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The July 2020 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on July 30, 2020.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The August 2020 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on August 27, 2020.  Topic of discussion: TBD.

The September 2020 PSHEA Meeting to be held at TBD on September 24, 2020.  Topic of discussion: TBD.


Padraic McGinnis adjourned the September Meeting at 7:10pm.

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